5 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

No, no! This is no excuse of drinking beer. It is actually true that beer has health benefits. Why should wine always take the credit of being healthier than any other alcoholic drinks? There are many scientifically proven awesome reasons to love a good brew.

1. Drink Beer for Better Kidneys:

Kidney stones or gall stones are small hard lumps formed by salt concretion in the ducts of gall bladder. They are caused by dehydration. Due to its higher water content and diuretic effects, beer reduces the risk of kidney stone development by 40%, when compared with other alcoholic beverages. Beer is said to slow the release of calcium from bone, which is involved in kidney stones.

2. Drink Beer for Good Vitamin Supply:

Studies have shown that beer-drinking individuals have higher levels of vitamin B in their blood when compared to non-drinking people, and twice as much as wine drinkers. Beer contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, which are not commonly found in food and are very beneficial.

3. Drink Beer for Stronger Skeleton:

Limited consumption of beer promotes good bone health. Go for the beer that has high levels of malted barley and hops. They have dietary silicon, which helps improving bone mineral density and thereby protecting against osteoporosis. Healthy bones are also a result of the estrogenic effect of beer.

4. Drink Beer for Healthier Heart:

A pint of beer a day keeps the cardiologist away. Blood clots block blood flow to the heart and other organs of body, which thus can cause strokes and many other life threatening diseases or conditions. The anti-clotting effects beer has helps in keeping blood vessels clean, free and healthy. Also, favorable effects on lipids and fibrinogen present in beer are involved in reducing blood clotting. Studies have shown that beer-drinkers are 40-60% less likely to suffer from heart attack, strokes, and other heart diseases compared to non-drinkers.

5. Drink Beer for Better Memory:

Beer boosts your memory. Beer reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Beer keeps your brain sharp by increasing cognitive development. Beer boosts your creativity. Studies have shown beer drinker solve puzzles earlier than non-drinkers.

The idea behind these health benefits is not to get drunk every night, but enjoy a refreshing beer moderately. Anything in moderation is permitted; nothing is good in excess. You can always consult your doctor if you are not sure about your beer intake. Otherwise, ready, set, sip!

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