Best Travel Bags for Kids

Wind your time a few decades back and kids were okay with packing their stuffs with their parents. However, now they are not game in shoving their bits and pieces in their mum and dad’s bags. Kids are equally enthusiastic and love travelling as much as adults do. Today, the younger ones crave for their own luggage. So picking a travel bag for your kid would be a sensible thing to do while you are planning your arrangements. Consider your kid’s age and size, before stomping around for a travel bag.

Below, you can take a look at some of the best travel bags before you invest in the extra baggage for your offspring.

Regular Ones with Animated Characters:

The cartoon-designed or juvenile-art regular travel-bags can simple win your kid’s heart. You can create an enchanting animated world for your little one to make him soar to new heights.

Duffel Bag:

Bright colored duffel bag can surely be a great choice for your dear kid. These unisex bags are crafted out of waterproof fabric and are light weight to add to the convenience of your kid. Your kid can jostle anything and everything in this spacious carrier.

Roller Suitcases:

Embellished with your kid’s favorite colors, these roller suitcases come in a range of sizes, designs and varieties. If your kid is capable of carrying this, then nothing can really match up to this. Buy the suitcase that has organizer pockets to make the packing convenient for the kid. While he walks down the aisle, he can pull it. Also, in times of need, your kid can easily sit on the bag while waiting for the transport.

Rain-Proof Bag:

So, if you are planning for a trip in the coming rains, here is a good one for the child. Your kid can run and play away in the rain, while carrying the rain-covered backpack. Not to worry about getting the stuffs soaked.

Shoulder Bag:

Well, it’s good enough if you are embarking on an overnight trip. Your child can simply carry the lightweight bag by carrying it straight down from his shoulder. This usually arrives with little pouches to store the smaller accessories.


These are the kids’ favorites. You can get a plethora of such convenient bags in a range of vibrant and striking designs. Pick the one that ideally fit your child’s torso.


Luggage trolleys are surely the trendiest and stylish bags for your little ones. With retractable handle and a zip closure, let your child toss his heap of belongings for the long trips in this. With great maneuverability, this comes with great capacity and excellent durability. It can clearly stand out from the rest.

Kids equally yearn to have their own pouch of gear, instead of stuffing their belongings with their elders. The above bags would offer the best value for your money, with the most durability and fun.

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