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The tablet market has been going down in sales. The iPad might be the only tablet which still has good sales. Samsung won’t give up on taking over the tablet market and it released the Tab S2 aiming for the same. The Tab S2 is the latest versi...Read More

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  • The tablet market has been going down in sales. The iPad might be the only tablet which still has good sales. Samsung won’t give up on taking over the tablet market and it released the Tab S2 aiming for the same. The Tab S2 is the latest version of the Tab S series. Tab S was released last year and proved to be a pretty decent tablet.

    The Tab S2 flaunts an 8-inch screen with a full HD display. This tablet comes in another version which has a 9.7-inch screen. The tablet is powered by Samsung’s own chipset Exynos. The Tab S2 has an octa-core Exynos 5433 chipset powering it. Samsung has managed to pack all of this into an extremely thin and light body. The Tab S2 is one of the thinnest tablets in the market with a thickness of 5.6mm. It manages to beat its competition which are Apple iPad Mini 4 and Dell Venue 8 7000.

    This tablet is being highly praised for its sleek design which makes it very handy. Let’s see if the Tab S2 performs in other fields or not!


    Samsung has done a great job by making the device thin and light as this makes the handling of the tablet much more convenient. The tablet is extremely thin at 5.6mm and is also very light as it weighs only 256 grams. It beats its main competition, the Dell Venue 8 7000 and iPad mini 4, in this area. Samsung avoided the faux-leather back and gave the tablet a premium look and feel. It still doesn’t match up to the aluminum backs of the iPad Mini 4 or the Dell Venue 8 7000.

    The right edge of the tablet is quite busy at it houses the power button, the volume rocker and the microSD card slot. The bottom of the tablet has the two speaker grills and the Micro-USB port between them. The dimensions of the tablet are such that one won’t have any issue with one handed use. It fits perfectly into the hand and the flat edges are nice as you can rest your fingers on them. The back of the tablet has the suede-like finish which is quite smooth. You won’t feel that it is plastic. The design of this tablet is one of the best parts about it and it might just be its universal selling point.

    Hardware and Software:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is powered by an octa-core Exynos 5433 chipset. The eight cores are divided into two parts: four cores clocked at 1.9GHz and four cores clocked at 1.3GHz. The Galaxy Tab S2 comes in only one storage option that is a 32GB internal memory version. The tablet has been provided with a microSD card slot which can support a memory card of up to 128GB.

    The Galaxy Tab S2 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1. Samsung like always doesn’t use the stock Android UI and uses its custom TouchWiz UI. The UI on the Tab S2 is not very different from the one on last year’s Tab S. for some reason Samsung removed the Flipboard Magazine feature which was a pretty good addition. Samsung hasn’t added a lot of apps, so the bloatware on the tablet is less. The famous multi-window feature is still there and it works pretty well. Like the Tab S, the Tab S2 comes with a fingerprint scanner. This time, the fingerprint scanner is different from the one on the Tab S. Previously to unlock the phone you had to swipe your finger over the home button, but now that has been changed and you can just place your finger over the home button and it will scan your fingerprint to unlock the tablet. This is a much more convenient way to unlock the tablet when compared to swipe to unlock function. A new app called the Connect app has been added by Samsung which basically helps you use your tablet better.


    Samsung has always been great with displays. Their Super AMOLED technology is remarkable and in the Tab S2 it works amazingly well. The Tab S2 has an 8-inch screen which has a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. The 4:3 aspect ratio makes reading and browsing the web much easier. The colours are bright and vibrant. The display is crisp. HD videos are fun to watch on this tab as the saturated colors and stark contrast make your viewing experience vivid.

    Dues to the great screen graphics for games weren’t a problem. The processor manages to load heavy games pretty quickly without any hiccups. The benchmark tests were also good. The tablet is fast at performing other tasks as well.


    The tablet has a 4000mAh battery inside it. It has been reduced from the Tab S. the battery did perform pretty well and the downgrade really goes unnoticed. The tablet will require a charge every two or three days if you are not a frequent user of it and use it casually. The stand-by battery drainage is also quite low. The battery proves to be strong even with heavy usage.


    Tablet cameras aren’t really expected to be that great. They are meant for video calling or document scanning. The Galaxy Tab S2 has a decent camera in general and when compared to other tablets it has one of the best cameras. The 8-megapixel shooter at the back doesn’t have a flash along with it, but it clicks good photos in the dark. The camera is satisfactory. The front camera can be used to click some nice selfies. It is a very good camera for video calling.


    The Tab S2 8-inch version costs 400 USD which is roughly 26000 INR. The price is quite steep, but it is a good investment.


    The Tab S2 is one of the best Android tablets out there in the market. It is sleek and light which makes it a great buy. There is nothing exceptional about the tablet. In fact, the tablet market has become quite ordinary nowadays. The tablet is good for reading and business purposes. The Tabs S2 offers twice the storage as its competitors, Dell Venue 8 7000 and iPad Mini 4, which offer only 16GB of storage and that too at the same price. There is also a microSD card slot in the tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 performs decently in terms of battery, processor and camera. The screen is a delight and the slim design is the best part of it. It is definitely a great tablet and is a good buy.


    • Bright and vivid display
    • Sleek and featherweight design
    • MicroSD card slot and fingerprint scanner


    • No IR blaster
    • Slightly pricey

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    Dimensions 237.3 x 169 x 5.6 mm
    Weight 389 gms
    SIM Nano SIM
    Memory 32/64 GB, 3 GB RAM
    Primary Camera 8 MP
    Secondry Camera 2.1 MP