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Apple Online Store Malaysia is a multinational technology company, which designs, produces and trades personal computers, portable digital music players and markets various software through online. Based in Singapore, the Apple store website sells and ships products to their customers in Malaysia. Latest Apple Malaysia discount codes are available at our site. You can use these codes and can avail benefit from Apple promotions and deals.

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History of Apple:

The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976, headquartered in California, America, to trade personal computers. These were Apple I computer kits, designed and manually built by Wozniak, single handedly. It was sold as a motherboard that consisted of CPU, RAM and simple written-video chips.

While Ronald sold his company share for $800 to Jobs and Woznial at the time of incorporation, Mike Markkula, a multimillionaire, provided management support and funding of about $250,000. With their revenues growing exponentially, the company went on to produce Apple II in 1977 and Apple III in 1980.

Jobs realized the importance of graphical user interface (GUI) and started its manufacturing for the Apple Lisa. However, he captured low priced plan of JefRaskin for making Macintosh computers, after being pushed from the team of Lisa. This gave rise to a competition between both the teams over first shipment of the personal computers with a GUI, to which Jobs lost. Macintosh, launched in 1984, became the first non-programming language computer.

In the later years, Apple saw many slides in its sale due to big flops of its products. Its stock price, market share and reputation were continuously declining.

Jobs was brought back to Apple in 1997, who, along with Jonathan Ive, reconstructed the position of Apple. The company acquired its online store on November 10.Ive lead the design team for iMac, iPod and iPhone, which saw phenomenal success.

Jobs died on October 5, 2011, but Apple continued to see its ascent with its products and services. It has been considered as the world’s largest technology organization as per its total resources, second largest by revenue and the third largest for producing mobile phones.

Products On Offer by Apple Malaysia:

Apple Malaysia has several products and services to offer for its customers worldwide through its online stores, retail stores, wholesaler retailers, direct sales and cellular network carried by third party. Starting from media devices and peripherals to applications and third-party digital content, the company produces Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple Music, iTunes, iOS, OS X, iCloud and accessories. There are several Apple promotions that run time to time and you can get discount on software and other Apple accessories.

Mobile App:

With Apple and IBM’s global partnership, they are delivering world’s best mobile apps, IBM MobileFirst for iOS, which will make corporate data accessible to the employees anywhere. They would be able to complete official works. By training themselves the employees will have access to their organizational works at their fingertips.This has been made entirely for iPad and iPhone. The mobile app of Apple is mobile-driven business process of modern days. Many Apple discount vouchers are applicable only for app users.

Customer Service:

Apple provides services for its customers to make changes or updated status of their order made in Apple Online Store. They can visit the online Order Status or contact at 1800-80-6419. Their customer support program called ‘At-Home Apple Advisors’ functions as the call center of the company. The advisors are given training which goes for four long weeks. After this they serve high quality customer service even after working remotely within the US.

Contact Information:

• Contact Address:

Apple Malaysia SdnBhd
Level 11
Menara CIMB,
JalanStesenSentral 2,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

• Phone: 03-2265-7000

• Website:

Additional Information:

• Return Policy:

You might have purchased a product that you later on think you shouldn’t have. In this situation you may return your item to the company by simply calling at their help line number. Tell them that you have purchased an Apple product, but want to return it. Then keep your item ready by packing and attaching a label on it. The service providers will make all the arrangements to come and pick it up from your doorstep. You will not be charged anything for this service. You will have to remember to get a tracking number. There are certain limitations that apply to the company’s return policy.

• Delivery Process:

The delivery process of the company is very organized and free of charge. After placing an order, an Order Acknowledgement will be emailed to you as a confirmation of your ordered item. It includes order details, shipping and estimated delivery date for each product. Again, a Shipment Notification is emailed, which included the information of the carrier and tracking, after the item has been made ready to ship. A text message is also sent to your number when your ordered product is shipped.
You may also track your order details through Self Service and get updates for your product’s shipping status 24x7.


1) What Is The Time Schedule Of Delivering An Order?

The company delivers your order between 8 am and 5 pm. To check the status of your order you may visit their online Self Service and get all the detailed information of your purchase and track your item 24x7. Though the carriers cannot provide you the exact time of delivery and can neither make a call on your number before the delivery.

2) What Should I Do In Order To Change My Shipping Address?

You can call on the Apple Store Customer service number to make changes in your shipping address. You may also make changes in your details through the online Self Service if you still have not received the notification about your order’s shipment. If your order has already been shipped then contact the Apple Store Customer Service.

3) What Should I Do In Case My Delivery Is Found Damaged Or Missing?

Apple will try to quickly resolve your problem by contacting the carrier directly. You will be informed for every progress the company makes in investigating the cause of the issue. If required, you will be provided a replacement for the missing product from your order. In case of receiving damaged items, you may call on the Apple Store Customer Service.

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