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With the world going online, Malaysia also has a wide network of data management and web hosting companies that are catering to the fast growing network of ecommerce ventures and helping to sustain and broaden the presence of the different companies in the online world. With the expanding financial and commercial markets in Malaysia, the need of reliable data management companies is crucial. One such company is DataKL. This is a hosting company that stresses on greater features, better service and lower prices as the key differentials for its service. The internet hosting packages that it offers are designed for both individuals and businesses. People can get service that is high powered and professional at low costs compared to other competitors in the market.

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With the company headquartered in Malaysia, its data centers are set up in Malaysia as well as in USA. The company employs servers that run on quad core processors and have large memory upto 16GB. The operating systems and security software for the servers are state of the art to ensure minimal downtime and interruptions in service. As a whole, the company stress on providing quality service with maximum space, bandwidth and minimum downtime for the clients.

The company offers comprehensive web hosting solutions, in the sphere of shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, domain registration and colocation services. With a stress on different web hosting solutions, clients can rest assured for quality services and server space when it comes to seeking web hosting solutions from this company. When one signs up for the first time, there are inaugural discounts offered. For annual or biennial plans, there are discounts offered on the total amount.

DataKL coupons at Savingmart

There are several coupons portals like Savingmart where one can find DataKL coupon codes which are not found on the official site. Such coupons portals sign up with such sites to offer different kinds of discount schemes for discerning customers. If you wish to look at DataKL coupon codes, you need to visit Here you will find different kinds of DataKL promo codes which will help you to find further discounts when they sign up for a web hosting plan at DataKL website. When you log onto the official site and shop for a plan, you can gain the discount when you proceed to make the payment.

Customer friendly policies at DataKL

Customers who are signing up with DataKL will want reassurance that they are signing up with the right web hosting provider. For such reasons, they can rest assured from the customer testimonials provided on many forums and on the site of DataKL. Not only do they use quality equipment, the customer service is prompt and responsive. Backups are secure and reliable with the latest features offered on each web hosting plan. The company has also adopted a green design for its business which stresses on reducing carbon footprint while running its operations.

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