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Foodpanda is the largest food delivery network in the world and with their localized services in Malaysia they are delivering best food to the doorstep of Malaysian peoples. They have tie-ups with best restaurants in Malaysia. With Foodpanda coupons and deals you can save huge amount on your order.

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About Foodpanda:

If you wish to get food from any restaurant in Malaysia, Foodpanda is the name you can rely upon. This is an online portal that accepts orders for different restaurants in a city or region where they operate. For Malaysia, there is an exclusive chain of operators in Foodpanda who have tied up with the various restaurants to make their foods available to people spread across the country. The problem of getting the food delivered within a certain time period and in the right condition is what they are expert in. As a result Foodpanda Malaysia has a comprehensive delivery and service chain to ensure fast and secure food delivery in any part of the Malaysian cities where they have a presence. This portal aims to make food ordering fun and easy. All hassles of picking up the food and getting it delivered in time is taken up by them. You will not find such an exclusive food delivery chain in Malaysia. Foodpanda has definitely made its presence felt over the years. There is a growing demand for food delivery across the busy and crowded cities in Malaysia. There are several reasons for this:

• There are renowned restaurants and food chains that are spread across the different cities of Malaysia
• In any cosmopolitan city you can avail of different cuisines at any time of day and night
• Not every restaurant will deliver food apart from a certain specified distance
• People who are working and busy in their lives cannot find the time to step out and visit the restaurant where they wish to dine
• Traffic conditions prevent people from reaching their favorite restaurants easily, as and when they want
• Foodpanda coupon codes and vouchers help you save online on your every order.

For all such reasons, there is a growing demand for food to be delivered from the different restaurant outlets in Malaysia. Every city in Malaysia has extensive restaurants and food chains whose business would be greatly enhanced by smooth delivery services. That is what Foodpanda aims to provide, profitability to the eateries and convenience to the customers. With bargain deals thrown in, it is a flourishing business that is gaining demand over time.

About the parent company:

Foodpanda is one of the several online ventures of Rocket Internet group. There are several other exclusive enterprises that are managed by the Rocket Internet Group which include Lazada, Pricepanda, Wimdu and others. Foodpanda is a global food delivery platform which has been running successfully in several countries. Today it has established its presence in Malaysia as well. There are dedicated teams that work behind such platforms to ensure that the online site runs smoothly and every order placed on the site is carried out within the terms mentioned. Impeccable service, timing and other features are part of all ecommerce ventures run by Rocket Internet which includes

How to use Foodpanda’s services:

One you have heard of Foodpanda you must surely give it a try. After all, you might be slogging away in your office and do not find the time to venture out to eat in a place of your liking. Why should that prevent you from ordering in from your favorite restaurants in town? You need not bother about which restaurant delivers in your area or not as ensures delivery all over town in most of the Malaysia cities. When you come online you will find a pop up asking you to subscribe. If you sign up, all the exclusive offers on Foodpanda are mailed directly to your inbox. Not only does it deliver your favorite restaurant food, you can avail of discounts on such bills when you order. That surely gives a compelling reason to anyone to try out their services and place order on their site. There are simple procedures to follow in order to place your order through Foodpanda Malaysia.

• Type in your area code or search by popular restaurants and deals on their site
• When you have found the restaurant you wish to order from, click on the same and view the menu available
• Place your order and proceed to make payment
• Foodpanda provides a secure payment gateway for you to complete the payment for your food bill
• At checkout page you can use Foodpanda discount code to get discount on your total order.

Once this process is completed, you need to read through the terms and conditions of delivery. The time guarantee and other conditions need to be noted. It is known that Foodpanda is diligent about their delivery terms. The front page of Foodpanda offers all the latest offers and exciting deals. The popular restaurants that are on top of the list for most customers are mentioned on the site. That helps you to find different choices. You will know which is the most happening restaurant in town and the new ones that have been launched. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will stay updated about the latest offers on meals.

Mobile Application of Foodpanda:

To help Malaysian customers order food on the go, Foodpanda has launched a mobile app. This mobile application has versions for Androids as well as iPhones. You will even get a version for Windows phones. Thus, no matter what kind of smartphone you own, you will probably get the right mobile app for Foodpanda easily. Once you download the mobile app onto your phone, you will have Foodpanda at your fingertips. You need not log onto a computer to see the menu, the restaurants listed in your area and other details to order food through Foodpanda. This mobile app makes sure that the users are able to complete their entire order placement through their mobile browser. The app has certain advantages to offer as well such as:

• You will find quick access to different restaurants in your area which do home delivery
• Foodpanda offers a wide choice of cuisines to order from. You can choose as per the kind of food you feel like having on a certain day. Some days you can opt for Italian while other days you can order in Chinese takeaway. Other days it could be the local or regional Malay food
• When you have an account with Foodpanda, it is easy to re order the same meals or dishes by a single click
• Using voucher codes for Foodpanda on mobile app is easy just like any desktop.

All such facilities are made available on the mobile app of Foodpanda. For such reasons, it makes sense to simply place your order through the mobile app. Browsing through menus is made simpler and so is the order placement mode. The app saves the favorite restaurants that you browse often. The re order option allows you to save time considerably. You can even leave comments on your order and food experience so that others can get to know your views. The app also gives you information about existing discounts and vouchers. The option to pay on delivery or by credit or debit card is available on the mobile app.

Foodpanda Discount Coupons:

If you wish to know what are the deals that are available on Foodpanda right now you can get started by viewing the exclusive restaurant discounts which is advertised as a separate tab on the main page. This page lists all the offers and discount given by participating restaurants. When you view such restaurants you will get to know the deals and discounts they are offering. However, it is subject to delivery to your area. For all such purposes, it is important to know whether the restaurant delivers to your area before you place an order or wish to avail of a discount. Foodpanda discount codes are applicable on almost every order. Every other day new Foodpanda Malaysia coupons and offers are launched. During festive occasions there are different kinds of Foodpanda promo codes to avail of.

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Customer Service and Assistance:

There are several questions that are floated by people about Foodpanda. For many, a food delivery platform online is a novel concept. They are unsure of how it works. They are more familiar with online deliveries and orders at separate restaurants. It is important to realize that, Foodpanda is simply an aggregated platform which brings together most major and popular eating places in a certain city or region on one platform. When it comes to the Foodpanda Malaysia portal, you will find restaurants which are listed by the city. When you are living in a certain city of Malaysia, you will find restaurants and eating places listed as per area. Not every restaurant delivers in every area. Accordingly, the list of eating places that you can order food from will be displayed when you type in your area code. You are sure to love the concept as it is a convenient way for ordering your food. You will find all your favorite restaurants on one portal. You need not visit different portals to order in food from different restaurants. You will know which restaurant will deliver food to your area before you place your order. All such conveniences make it easy for you to order through Foodpanda. The other attractions are discount offers. Through Foodpanda every regular restaurant of special discounts and deals which are not availed of otherwise. That makes it a compelling reason to order in food from this site.

A food delivery service has to be accountable for the right and timely delivery of the orders placed through them. If such accountability is not there, such a service will fail for sure. For such reasons, Foodpanda has a comprehensive customer service and support center. There is a toll free number you can contact if you are facing problems with your order. You might wish to cancel or modify your order. You might not receive the order on time or a restaurant on the list in your area might not delver at your address. To resolve all such queries and problems you will surely want to reach a help line. For such reasons, there is a toll free number provided as well as a live chat facility. During the working hours you can opt for live chat with the customer care representatives. It is a great way to get your queries or problems resolved.

For common questions that most customers usually face, there is a comprehensive FAQs section. It is recommended that you check the questions listed in this section before you pace a call or send an email. When you have placed your order, you need to verify the terms and conditions of delivery. It is note in the terms that, every restaurant will quote a time by when they can deliver your meal; in some occasions, the delivery service might be stuck in traffic or delayed for weather conditions. All such points need to be considered before you report in a delay in delivery and seek an answer for that. The customer support team at Foodpanda works diligently to resolve conflicts that may arise between the customers and the restaurants and to ensure smooth service and delivery to the customers. There are great reviews of customers about Foodpanda. Several people are happy about pacing their orders through Foodpanda. The restaurant menu details are updated frequently on this site and hence, the latest offerings and deals are available on Foodpanda. Such factors have contributed largely towards Foodpanda’s online reputation in Malaysia and its continued growth and success story among other online services geared to serve the Malaysian cosmopolitan culture and life.

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