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Lazada has established itself as a premier online shopping destination in Malaysia. You can find plenty of items available here in various categories. You can shop for home appliances, clothing, kid’s items, electronics and much more at We provide latest working Lazada discount codes to make your shopping a great experience.

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Lazada has changed the way Malaysians used to shop. With its large collection of daily use items from clothing to mobile, Lazada Malaysia is today’s shopping mall for people of Malaysia. You can shop for fashion clothing, mobiles, kids clothing, home accessories and much more at Lazada. We provide latest working Lazada discount codes so that you can enjoy great savings while shopping with Lazada Malaysia.

About Lazada Malaysia

Lazada is an online retail outlet that has a growing presence in Malaysia. This is one of the e-retail ventures in south East Asia which is modeled on the lines of Amazon. It has been growing steadily in popularity as it offers a wide category of products. There are several reasons why one can shop at Lazada. This portal is customized for Malaysia and offers unbeatable deals even when you compare the prices of similar items in the local market. The online shopping experience is pleasurable. Not only is it easy to shop after viewing the different items on the site, there are incredible Lazada coupons and deals, which is a specialty of this site. As replicated from other successful e-retail models, this online retailer offers security to the shoppers. Your purchases are protected by guarantee clauses. You can be assured of return and exchange policies that are easy to utilize. For all such reasons Lazada has been growing its online presence in Malaysia. It is a part of the Rocket Internet Venture. All qualities of the mother enterprise can be found in Lazada. You will find promptness of response from the support team as well as minimum delivery time and products in the right condition and of the right quality delivered to your doorstep. Lazada coupons help you save money thus providing value for money. Even though there are malls galore in Malaysia, there are several problems in shopping at malls. The discounted prices that online stores can provide are not feasible at shopping malls. One needs to waste time maneuvering among crowds and traffic in order to reach a shopping destination. Shopping at retail outlets often robs you of the chance to compare the price of similar items across different brands and sellers.

E-commerce scenario in Malaysia

You might wonder at the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia. Indeed, many have been skeptical in the past about the transactions conducted in the business to business environment as existed in the early millennium. At the time when the financial crisis hit south East Asia, there was a setback in the e-commerce segment. Consumers failed to trust sites for conducting online transactions. As a result, it has been over a decade that companies like Lazada Malaysia and American brands like Amazon have launched region specific portals here. The government has also launched certain initiatives to gain back the trust of the consumers when it comes to transactions over the internet portals. Initially the main obstacle that these companies faced was a low usage of internet for general purposes. Today that scenario has changed much. Network and data connectivity has become better and cheaper on smartphones. People can browse the internet on their mobile devices as well without incurring large bills. As a result, online ventures and e-retailers have revamped their operations. Lazada being part of the Rocket Internet group has a secure ecommerce portal to offer the users. Sellers are convinced of the reliability of such a platform to sell their wares online. Lazada has also overcome the hurdles in this region with sure payment gateways. The trust in the banking system was low to begin with and hence, providing online payment solutions and making it safe and convincing to the people was a hurdle to begin with. Today Lazada has been able to remove all such hurdles and establish itself as a reliable ecommerce portal, both in the minds of the consumers as well as the sellers. Moreover with amazing Lazada Malaysia coupon codes customers can save lot of money. As a result, Lazada is a name to reckon with in the Malaysian online marketplace.

Success of Lazada story

If you look at Lazada’s presence in Malaysia, it did not take time to establish its credibility in the minds of the consumers. That is also because of the expertise of the parent company, Rocket Internet which has considerable expertise in conducting an online shopping scenario. It can manage large scales of such business and has the backend support and infrastructure to accommodate growing demands of an ecommerce platform. With the success of Zalora which is a fashion counterpart of Lazada, Lazada Malaysia was launched which is considered an equivalent of Amazon for this country. The business model followed for Lazada is similar to Amazon. The following are the characteristics of Lazada:

• There are a wide range of products that are offered in different categories.
• You can shop from recreation devices to home appliances, health or beauty products, fashion items and accessories, toys, baby products, electronic devices and many more.
• The only difference at Lazada is that, you are getting the items of foreign companies at local prices. You can even compare international products with local products and decide on which to purchase.
• The delivery system of Lazada is another strong point. It takes a few days to get the delivery across which is free within the country.
• Lazada promo codes are available to offer you discount on your purchase.
• Many investment banks and other financial institutions of repute have invested in Lazada, seeing the growing potential of this business in this region.

The Lazada shopping experience

Today Lazada is considered as the online shopping mall in Malaysia which leaves all other shopping malls behind. It has pioneered in making ecommerce popular and reliable in this country. Malaysia is one of the fastest growing economies and there is large potential to tap into, especially of the generation that is much influenced by the internet. Lazada offers a wide range of products which can be electronic items, household goods, sports or fitness equipments and others. No matter what kind of item you purchase from Lazada, there are many benefits when you shop from an established online portal like Lazada Malaysia. You have several options by which you can make payment. Before making payment you can use Lazada coupons to slash your total bill. There is a free return policy for purchases and deliveries within the country as well as warranty terms that provide coverage for damaged or faulty items. Product items are constantly being added on this portal. Every time you log onto Lazada you will find new deals and items added on the site. Watches and fashion are items or categories that have been newly added, much because of the demand that is seen for such items on this portal. Indeed, the price advantage that this site provides, many would like to purchase their favorite accessories at half the price if they can. No matter what you browse through, the website offers a smooth and seamless shopping experience. Unlike other portals that offer cumbersome shopping methods, in this site customers can quickly browse through items, select the one they want and check out by making payment in a secure manner.

Reliability of Lazada

When one is shopping online, they want to find a portal that they can count on. For such reasons, the popularity of Lazada is growing day by day. It established its credibility in the business to consumer segment early in the days of e-commerce. As the e-commerce market grows, so has their transaction processes, different categories are listed on the left hand side of the front page. The new items or security measures and range of product offerings, for all such reasons Lazada has become a much wanted name in the online marketplace. When you come onto the site you will find exciting new deals advertised on the front page. These will certainly catch your attention. Any item that you have been thinking of or wishing to find, might be flashed on the front page of Lazada. That is also because, the marketing team of Lazada works actively to find items and products that are currently trending and in demand. They get merchants to offer great deals on such products and launch them on their site. As a result, not only do you get to see the latest products in different categories on this site, the prices are unbelievable as well. With Lazada discount codes and vouchers it is certain that you will get cheapest price possible for any product. The lists of items that are divided into categories are listed on the main page as well. New items among consumer electronics, cameras, gadgets, fashion, smartphones, computers and others feature in this section. As most customers seek out such deals and are likely to be tempted by them, such information is displayed on the front page to help one get started with online shopping at Lazada.

Deals at Lazada

When you come for shopping at Lazada, there is much to do. You will be invited to sign up as a free member and a free Lazada promo code of RM1O awaiting you as you become a member. With such an amount, you can start off with a considerable discount when shopping at this site. The different categories of items are listed on the left hand side of the page. The main section highlights different categories and their featured collections. You might find the kitchen storage equipments displayed with an option to shop from related categories. You could even shop the look as is given on the picture. That would involve a modular kitchen unit along with storage containers and other kitchen accessories. Besides that, the latest discount deals of the day are flashed on the front page of the site. If you are a new customer on Lazada, you will surely be tempted to opt for cash on delivery and other payment options as found convenient by you. You can even download the mobile app of Lazada Malaysia. There are separate reasons for downloading the Lazada app on your phone. There are exclusive deals designed for the mobile app users. When you log on through the mobile app, you will find new deals and discounts waiting for you. Also, it is easy to browse through the different categories, compare prices of similar items and place your order on the go. You can surely find much uses for the Lazada mobile app.

Conveniences for customers

There are several compelling reasons for which you might want to bookmark the site of Lazada. For those who are shopping in Malaysia, they will avail of several benefits when they order in through this portal. For instance, returns are free of charge when you order from this site. That surely is a benefit that not every portal provides. Most portals offer return and exchange policies where the customer needs to bear the cost of the return or exchange in the form of shipment costs. With free returns, Lazada has won over a large section of customers who love to shop at this site, mainly for the flexibility of returns. It helps them to experiment with purchases more often from this site. The payment methods offered by Lazada are numerous. You might be comfortable paying by credit card or wish to perform direct bank transfer. Many wish to pay via their Paypal account. All such options and more are available when you wish to complete your payment on this portal. Another great reason to opt for Lazada is the free delivery option. No matter where you are in Malaysia, you can avail of free delivery in most places. That makes it really cheap and reasonable to purchase from this site.

Lazada Discount Offers at

The other thing that makes Lazada as a much wanted online shopping destination is the discount deals you get on this site. Everyday there are new sale items which are available at bargain prices. There are other ways to get great deals at Lazada. When you come on Savingmart, you will find Lazada discount coupons on display. These help one to get the maximum savings on any purchase. The Lazada promo codes found on this portal could be on different categories of items. You need to check the items which are on discount and the validity date of the same. Once you have confirmed these terms, you can proceed to make maximum use of the Lazada offers. When you come on Lazada after having clicked on a deal found on Savingmart, you can proceed to choose the item you wish to purchase which is covered under the coupon scheme. There are several Lazada Malaysia coupon codes that you will find on Savingmart. These make sense as they are relevant for most customers. When you proceed to check out, you will be asked to key in any coupon you wish to redeem. At such a time, you can type in the coupon code you have found on Savingmart. The discount will be provided if the deal is found valid. In such a way, you will make greater savings on your purchases from Lazada.

Comprehensive customer support

Every e-commerce venture needs to have a comprehensive customer support team to carry forward the various operations and to help solve the problems faced by customers and sellers alike. When you come on Lazada, you will find that it is a portal that has both sellers and customers. The customers will have several queries which might arise in different steps of each process. Many are unaware of how to place an order. For them, there are step by step pictorial instructions given to help them understand the process. It is an easy process to purchase from Lazada. Even if one needs assistance, they can directly call up the helpline number provided. The working hours are clearly mentioned on the site as well. You can call in at the customer care numbers from nine in the morning to nine at night and till six in the evening on holidays. Thus, the customer care support and assistance is available 24/7 for the customers. The sellers who wish to list their products on the site can also avail of the customer care and assistance facility. They need to clarify the terms and conditions for listing items on the site. Tying up with the delivery service and other terms of purchase, need to be clarified to ensure that the sellers work in tandem with the overall working policy of the company.

There are comprehensive FAQs sections with common queries listed for the customers and the sellers. If you are a customer, you might want to know about the warranty terms that cover your purchase. At the same time, you might seek to know what condition prohibit an item from being returned. There is also a period of time within which an item can be returned free of cost. All such details can be found on the FAQs section. One of the reasons Lazada has been running a successful online venture is the foresight and precision with which it is able to counter and predict every problem or situation that can arise. Not only is a comprehensive FAQs section present but a reliable customer support helpline is maintained. No matter how large the traffic of customers to the site, the support team is well adept to handle all queries and resolve problems. If you look at the reviews and testimonials of the customer, they have voiced their satisfaction over the products they have received from the portal as well as the service that they have received as well. Speedy delivery time and impeccable quality of goods delivered are some of the wining criteria that have helped this company stay ahead of the competitors.

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